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The tour started at the East Trainstation at 7:13. We arrived to Mezőtúr at about 9 o’clock. After a long walk we approached the Siluett 2007 Kft’s office where the TMTE members gathered.

The company’s leader introduced the members and guided the group to the tailoring room where they showed the process and afterwards they answered some questions.

At first we learned about the cover section where three people works at the same time. They use textiles the most economically, because their work based in specified standards. They cut the pattern and make the marking with steel cutter. And we could also find out about modern technology pattern machine what we find in our school building in Szabolcs street.

The other part of warehouse they prepare the products for transporting, for example labelling, hangers and buttons. They do everything by following standards.

From here we could go to the store-room which is located under the whole building. Later, we were fallen by car to the second building of the factory where employers do the after-cutting procedures.

The company’s leader delivered a lecture about the history and operation of the factory. We learned that: In the 50’s they had manufactured dungarees, men’s suits and kid’s wear. IN periods when the company didn’t receive enough orders, they sewed crash helmets.

They have been working for export since the 1970’s. Initially, they used to produce children’s wear, but from the middle of the 70’s they began to manufacture adult wear. In the period mentioned they focused on mainly ski wear.

We also learned that the main business partners of the factory are Austria, Germany and Sweden. Also the Gore-tex products are applied in several areas, such as the army, medicine, or they are also used to make guitar strings, dental floss. Furthermore, they can be used in space research as insulation or strainers. Besides, they make body-protector vests to Germany.

The production of these goods is only possible if you hold a licence. Gore-tex is the only company that has a supervisory board in the field of technology.

The whole production are released for lease-work. From 1977 number of staff increasing in the factory. The factory’s leader to retire on a pension and coming a new period.
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